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Environment Friendly Wedding- Loving the Earth

Are you planning your wedding and feeling the need to choose eco-friendly products? Great news! You stumbled upon the right blog. The environment in which we live needs our help. As a New York Wedding Planner, I enjoy working with different couples. Each couple is unique, with a specific taste and style. In keeping with my promise to bring information and resources straight to you, here are some great tips for an eco-friendly celebration.

Step 1- Tree Lover (Reduce Paper)

We all know the amount of paper that is wasted in our day-to-day lives. Be a part of the solution and look into an electronic invitation or choose a hemp-based invitation. As a person who loves to drive and look at beautiful trees along my travels, this is my favorite tip. Greenery always brings about a feeling of peace and calm, whether walking in the park or trail. Here are some suggestions below:



Step 2-Cut Emissions

Please discuss with your fiance' arrange transportation of guests to and from their hotel. Helping to reduce the number of driving individuals to your wedding is reducing emissions. Who knew? Such a simple shift in transportation can help save our earth. Revisit your wedding budget before adding this accommodation to the wedding plans. The ultimate goal is not to break the bank.

Step 3 -Skip the Plastic

Opt for a reusable water bottle. This selection could be a perfect gift for the bridal party. Everyone wants to get fit for the wedding. Purchase personalized bottles and gift them to your bridesmaids or groomsmen. The great thing is that they will have a keepsake to remind them of the journey.

Step 4 -Illumination

Candles set the tone for love and romance. It's a great way to reduce the amount of electricity used during your wedding. Candles come in all different shapes and sizes. Pick the one that stands out to you most. A great way to connect guests to the memory of your wedding day is to use a scented candle. It's very likely that when they smell that scent elsewhere, they can recall your wedding :).

Note that most venues don't allow open candles as they could be a fire hazard. Who wants a candle to tip over and damage the beautiful tablecloth? Be sure to ask about the requirements of the venue and share that information with your wedding designer,

You made it through these 4 Eco-Friendly tips. A MAZ ING.. please like, share or comment.

Happy Planning,


CEO/Lead Planner

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