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22 Ways to Successfully Wedding Plan in “2022”

Congratulations to you on your engagement. You have landed in the right place for tips and advice. Here is a curated list of our top 22 Ways to Successfully Wedding Plan in 2022.

  1. Enjoy being engaged by spending quality time.

  2. Share the news with family before posting on social media. Consider their feelings.

  3. Purchase insurance for your engagement ring.

  4. Begin planning 12-18 months in advance.

  5. Create a realistic budget, don’t compare yourself to others

  6. Be organized

  7. Head over to Pinterest and gather some inspiration. We have a lot on the L Prestigious Events page.

  8. Gather up your faves and officially ask them to be a part of your wedding.

  9. Hire a skilled wedding planner, of course :)

  10. Understand that prices for planning a wedding have increased. Know that your ideal goal should have some flexibility.

  11. Book your favorite vendors as they will booked very fast

  12. Consider getting married on a weekday if your venue of choice is fully booked on your preferred date.

  13. Decide what’s your wedding style (Rustic, Beach, Bohemian, Garden) etc.

  14. Have the money talk, be honest and open

  15. Limit the number of people in your ear with opinions. Remember, it’s your day.

  16. Set specific days, which are non-planning days.

  17. Practice eating healthy, take vitamins and drink water.

  18. Implement daily self-care routines.

  19. Ask for input and advice from your fiance'.

  20. Incorporate culture and family traditions.

  21. Seek support when needed, delegate. Planning can become overwhelming.

  22. Enjoy, have fun, take vacations, and love on one another.

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