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Managing Wedding Planning Stressors

2020 was one of the worst years in our lives. Whether you were directly or indirectly affected we all felt and feel the anxiety. Let me free you up right here and now, this too shall pass. The great news is that as a people, our lives have slowed down, we have more time to connect with family and friends. If you're a parent like me, I'm grateful for the time I got to spend with my seven-year-old son. My daughter age 26 has been loving the access to her mom again. In my day-to-day, I'm a very busy woman juggling lots of tasks daily. Today, I share with you the ways to embrace our temporary normal and remain happy and healthy. Let's dive in.

Have you been feeling overwhelmed with work, home-schooling your child, or merely navigating day-to-day? Well, let me tell you... As a full-time Assistant Principal of a high school, mother of two, and Wedding/Event CEO, sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out (lol). I manage life with a purposeful focus on self-care, organization, and making time to RELAX. In reflecting on how I remember to disconnect, I want to share with you some strategies.


Jot down your TO DO list in a journal, on a whiteboard, or by using the note section in your cellphone. Over the years, I found it very beneficial to have a notebook to capture and jot down notes. I can't tell you how many journals I go through in a year. The good news is that these journals can be placed away for reference later. You will be able to look back at your own progress and recall the time moments you set aside for self. Writing things out, I hope will help you to know that anything causing feelings of stress & anxiety is not bigger than your blessings. Practice gratitude by saying thank you each day your feet touches the floor in the morning.


In the dictionary, calm is not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other strong emotions. Did you know that there is an app named CALM? Who knew? This app has changed my life. I found out about this through an American Express offer. One day, I logged into my account, and there it was. It read, register for the first year free, we all love free. Remember, like you, my life is very demanding, so it is no doubt why I would give it a try. One tip, don't forget to set a reminder on your calendar for the end of the promotion. If you love it, keep it; if not, cancel the subscription and find another tool that helps.

Find a quiet place at home to relax, grab your headphones and listen to various meditations. Would you guess that Lebron James is on CALM? He gives excellent advice about focus and relaxation. I was impressed by his strategy and application of focus used in his basketball games. No wonder he's a winner.


Allow me to share one of my favorite meditation Deepak Chopra. Years ago, I felt that mediation could and would not work for me. Oh, was I wrong. After practicing a few nights before bed, I became a mini-pro. I would place my headphones on the right before bed and listen to multiple meditations by Deepak Chopra.

These meditations brought about a calm feeling as I listened to his voice and focused on breathing and being present in that moment. I invite each of you reading this to give it a try. The above meditation is only one to get you started. Come back anytime you would like to hear it again and share your thoughts on this blog post.


One could never have enough family time. When the stress builds, and you need a mental health break, find relaxation in family time. As for me, sometimes that means a quick trip to my parents' house to eat dinner, watch t.v. or RELAX. Yes, relax the simple yet complicated word if you're not intentional about it. Family for others could be time with their pets,

Before you go, check out this blog post from BRIDES that I found relevant and helpful. It's a study of over 500 engaged couples managing stress.

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