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How to Plan an Unforgettable Modern Wedding

Updated: Jan 28

Planning for the most memorable day of your life is something most couples look forward to with a grand dose of excitement. True, no matter how overwhelming it can get, it is still one of the most enjoyable ventures to experience. After all, this is when you can design your wedding day the way you’ve always dreamt of. To assist in the process, Our team at L Prestigious Events is here to share some modern wedding planning tips to delight you and your guests. From choosing the perfect attire to designing the tablescapes, dive into this blog to plan the celebration of your dreams!

Modern wedding planning

We hope you find our tips and advice from a team of skilled Tri-State wedding planners helpful. Our goal is to assist you in having a seamless planning experience. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

Wedding attire

The attire you wear on the day should match the event’s theme and style. Recent trends share that you opt for a minimalist outfit design to enhance a tidy look. Consider gowns and suits that radiate a modern aesthetic and don’t over-accessorise. Clean lines and minimalist design are the winning features of a modern wedding theme.

When it comes to the Gen Z bridal party, wearing mismatched styles has become a thing you may want to consider. Instead of dressing your bridal party in one color, be creative and a trendsetter and step outside the box by allowing them to choose the style as long as the look is aesthetically pleasing and to your liking. If it is within the shade you determined, go for it. We're confident your wedding photos will be fabulous forever.

Pictured-L Prestigious Events Bridal Party


Speaking of the minimalist approach, a part of modern wedding planning is to make your tablescape match the minimal theme, too. Therefore, stick to an all-white theme and clean aesthetics instead of multi-colored elements. Add traditional flatware and soft florals, and don’t overcrowd the tables. If you can’t imagine your day without a colorful touch, go for the wow-worthy additions such as adding drapery, neon signs, floral walls and the list is endless. This is a great way to break up the monotony.


Your stationery selection is the initial touch point for what is to come on the wedding day. Therefore, choose a modern wedding design that matches your theme. If you want to be on trend, opt for bold text against a minimal card design, and your guests will be delighted. At L Prestigious Events, we love the variety of wedding stationery found at and recommend them to our clients.


Are you looking for a modern cake design? Against the predominating minimal theme, choose a cake with contemporary texture and patterns. Opt for a stunning cake with greenery or a colorful design to balance the white base. We have noticed that the wedding cake is a huge wedding trend. Couples are adding more tiers and florals to make a statement. Guests are sure to remember a showstopper, don't you agree?

Signature Cocktails

Let's have some fun, come up with a signature drink and name it. Maybe it is a mixture of your and your partners' drink of choice, a place you met or a city you reside in. In thinking of the names for the signature drinks, make them catchy and fun. Speak to and hire a mixologist if the venue does not have one. They are the experts in cocktails, and weddings are no exception.

The signature drinks should be displayed by signage. Consider an acrylic sign or a paper printout in a lovely frame. Check out these Signature Cocktails on the Knot.

In conclusion, wedding planning in the modern age is an entirely different process than it once was, especially for Gen Z couples. With the rise of venues, websites, and apps designed to make planning more straightforward than ever, it's possible to make wedding planning a much more efficient and enjoyable experience. Couples now have many options for personalized, unique wedding designs—far different from what was traditionally offered. Whether you use a wedding planner, app or do everything independently, modern wedding planning continues evolving and provides multiple opportunities to create the best day possible. So, don't let the stress of planning overwhelm you—embrace the possibilities that modern wedding planning offers.

As the great American poet Robert Frost said, “The best way out is always through.”

Let's stay curious and explore the infinite ways to create a memorable and meaningful wedding day. We hope the modern wedding planning tips we shared above will help you design a memorable affair. If you need more inspiration for planning an unforgettable event, don’t forget to subscribe to keep in touch with our latest blog posts.

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