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Planning the Ultimate Bohemian Wedding

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

When planning the most beautiful day of your life, it doesn't take long to realize that there are endless possibilities when it comes to the aesthetics for the day. Choosing one that completely aligns with your style can be overwhelming with your many thoughts. But if you wish to embrace your romantic side with laid-back and free-spirited vibes, a bohemian theme could be the right fit for you!

You must be wondering, is it that simple? Here at L Prestigious Events we want to make the planning process easier for you. Take a look at the range of ideas we have compiled- from florals to attire- to make your special day a perfect boho affair.

Bohemian-style celebrations are all about being artistic and blending segments from different cultures. It incorporates organic aesthetics such as natural linens, wood, and gemstones, drawing inspiration from earthy elements. There are several ways of incorporating this style into your special day, and here are some of our favorite ideas-


When designing your big day, pay attention to the earthy elements for decor. For instance, pampas grass makes a big style statement, while macrame plants give a natural feel. Also, you can consider adding a mix of greenery and colorful wildflowers for floral arrangements. These imitate natural settings and fit perfectly with other ideas.


Bohemian design is not all about the decor. You can even experiment with various hairstyles for yourself and your bridesmaids. Choose from designs that feature florals, especially the elaborated floral crowns and braids, including the fishtail and dutch. These create an ethereal vibe that is perfect for the day.

Bridal Dress

When it comes to bridal gowns, they tend to be romantic and minimalistic. They often have delicate lace designs and dramatic sleeves, offering a more casual fit. Choose this style to get the perfect, dreamy look your partner will adore forever. Also, you can incorporate this style using neutral fabrics and lacy panels for your bridesmaid dresses.

Seating Arrangements

When hosting a boho wedding, you can skip the hard acrylic chairs and opt for soft ones with whimsical touches. Make your guests comfortable by planning their seating arrangements on the floor on the large, colorful cushions and adding touches of floral elements.

Menu & Cake

The best way to tie the bohemian theme is through food and cake. You can customize the menu or opt for a simple buffet featuring cuisine.

After the reception, have your guests join you in the celebration by indulging in a cake with celestial designs featuring geodes and gemstones.


Don't forget to invite your guests by sending customized invites that match the theme. You can design your invite featuring floral elements for a romantic touch and personalize it to match your chosen color palette.

With natural decor and romantic floral elements, it is no surprise that bohemian-inspired celebrations are amongst the most popular bridal trends. You can use these ideas to create the perfect aesthetics for a special day you have always cherished.

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