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The Perfect Bohemian Wedding

Planning a boho wedding means embracing your romantic side, spicing it up with some laid-back vibes, stylish aesthetic, and free-spirited galore. Add a dash of ethereal beauty and whimsy, and you get the perfect boho look! But which wedding tips should you follow in order to realize such a dreamy look? To answer this question we must first dive into terminology:

The bohemian style emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, strongly influenced by the 60s and 70s hippie vibes. Nowadays, it encircles anything from Coachella-inspired looks to eclectic yet whimsical decor. Boho is all about making your wedding unique, being effortlessly elegant, and even stepping out of your comfort zone. In essence, there is no strict guidebook as every style evolves – you just have to follow your own siren song.

Not sure where to start? Below we have rounded the best wedding tips and ideas to help you pull off this theme.

The setting

One of the key elements of planning a boho wedding is tailoring your big day outside and capturing the natural ambiance. Whether it is a rocky desert, forest, greenhouse, barn, or garden; it is all about choosing such nature-driven venues and blending your elements with the surrounding. If getting wed at a venue, bring in the natural elements.


One of the wedding tips that perfectly encompasses the boho style is using the right florals. Whimsical floral installations designed from pampas and dried botanicals will make an impressive statement. However, you can also use blooms in your chosen palette, mixing and matching them with pampas. Another way to convey a beautiful boho aesthetic is by opting for wildflowers. Bring on the lush floral arrangements.

Wedding dress

Boho wedding trends that are here to stay? Easy, lace dresses! Whether it is a one-piece or two-piece design or features floral or geometric lace, bohemian gowns are all about being effortlessly romantic. Paired with details like detachable bell sleeves or braided hairstyles, you can get creative with tailoring the perfect romantic look.

Color palette

An important aspect when planning a boho wedding is picking the right color palette. In this theme, the muted tones have taken all the spotlight. For a more dramatic impression, you can play with rust tones, or use some reds or purples; and for a more soft look – earthy or neutral hues.

Creative ceremony and reception seating

Y ll, guests will remember what they see, hear, smell and touch. Depending on the vibe, you can use a blend with rustic – wooden benches, maybe mismatched lounging chairs, even ottoman pillows! One of the latest wedding trends is using different chairs for the seating, even throwing some vintage armchairs into the combination. It's your day so bring your vision to life. Find a wedding planner to help you execute your vision smoothly. A planner is your way to navigate the process and connect you with professional vendors.You

Choosing music

When planning a boho wedding, you need to take into consideration the overall entertainment. Include a blend of acoustic music for the reception and cocktail hour, and then hire a DJ for the reception. Or go all unplugged, live entertainment is always a smash hit.

It is all about the details

Boho is all about unique details that will make your style stand out. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, use details that will achieve that effortlessly elegant yet romantic style. Candles, drapery, beautiful floral centerpieces, and lots of details in-between to complement it all will make a striking impression. Want to add a more contemporary touch? Geometric shapes and patterns are ever-popular! Bring patterns in with stunning linen.

10 Boho wedding trends

Besides the tips and ideas that we mentioned, here are some trends to keep in mind:

Tipi & Glamping tents

Celestial boho theme

Marble & Agate details

Gemstone installations


Hanging lanterns or candleholders

Nomadic bars

Organic menus

Landscape matching altar

Peacock chairs

If you are thinking about planning a bohemian wedding, we hope this blog helped inspire you to get those ideas popping.

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