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Wedding Themes (This or That)

If you have started planning the most special day of your life, choosing a theme is one of the first things you should consider. Trust us; deciding on the wedding theme as soon as possible will help make planning your day more focused and intentional. Choose the one that truly reflects both you and your partner. Please know that having a wedding theme is optional and not mandatory.

There are plenty of unique themes you can opt for, and we have compiled a list of the most popular ones.


Planning a whimsical celebration is one way to turn your dreams into reality. It is unconventional and unrestrictive; here, you can get all your heart desires and more.

In essence, this theme is all about getting in touch with your youthful side and having fun while you create uplifting aesthetics. You could consider it a nature-inspired event intertwined with your favorite fairytale. Ultimately, this theme allows you to experiment with colors and designs, using playful decor and mismatched chairs.


A rustic style is inspired by the simplicity of country life and the outdoors. It usually incorporates rustic elements such as metal, timber, unstructured flowers, and bouquets. This theme works best in barns, vineyards, and under a marquee or tree, and receptions usually consist of sit-down dinners. Some formalities may be present; however, the atmosphere is typically quite relaxed and laid back.


A glam wedding theme includes extravagant decor and tends to be black-tie occasions. The main idea is to design a shiny event that includes various styling elements that promote the feeling of lavishness. They involve sparkle, metallic colors such as silver, gold, rose gold, and copper, and opulent centerpieces with elegant invitations and decor. These are typically sit-down occasions and generally include all classic and traditional formalities.


Over the years, the bohemian theme has taken the world by storm and is increasingly becoming popular amongst couples looking for an alternate option to the classic celebration. Consider bright wildflowers, pampas, grass, and rustic elements for this fantastic theme.



Garden-inspired weddings, as the name suggests, imply that your exchange of vows should ideally take place in a garden setting. If you have opted for it to be indoors, bring in some lush green garlands, and beautiful floral and artificial trees to provide a cohesive look. Going for an elegant garden will probably be your best choice if you plan an outdoor celebration. It is usually a visual celebration of the beauty of nature.


Romantic themes mix well with rustic elements and styling choices, from crawling greenery to oodles of candles and low or high centerpieces. Keep the illumination low and create that dreamy feel.

Whatever wedding theme you choose should represent your taste and incorporate elements that make you feel who you are. The details should join together in perfect harmony, just like you.

We hope that this read was helpful on your path to designing your wedding day.


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