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Congratulations On Your Engagement!

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Our L Prestigious Events team loves love! If you’re out and about in New York City, you are bound to see a wedding proposal, and we dare you not to smile.

We are right in the middle of engagement season. More couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day than any other time.

You Said Yes, Now What?

There is a lot to do once you get engaged. We know that it can be overwhelming, and everyone will tell you what they did for their wedding, making things even harder.

We will break down a few simple tips to make planning your New York wedding a little less hectic.

#1: STOP

Our first tip is a bigger deal than you might imagine. Despite the impulse, you have to immediately post a picture to your social media and update your relationship status – STOP!

Please, please, please, take a minute and let your family know first! We’ve seen too many hurt feelings with people who learned about their family members getting engaged in a social media post.

Once you’ve told those closest to the two of you, then go ahead and share it with the rest of the world. You’ll thank us later.

#2: Enjoy Your Engagement

Too often, couples dive headfirst into planning and forget to take a deep breath and learn to say fiancée instead of boyfriend or girlfriend.

Enjoy doing engagements photos, and the parties family will host and show off your ring. Honest, the rest will come together in due time. But for now, just enjoy being engaged for a minute.

#3: Hire A Wedding Planner

Okay, what kind of wedding planners would we be if we didn’t recommend hiring a wedding planner?

All kidding aside, hiring a wedding planner early on in your planning can help keep you from making costly mistakes. We are on the pulse of everything in the New York Metro wedding market.

Our L Prestigious Events team can help you find the right wedding venue for your budget, personality, and the number of wedding guests you are anticipating. There is nothing worse than booking the first wedding venue you see and then realizing it’s too small for the size of your wedding.

2022 is projected to be the biggest wedding year since 1984! With vaccinations on the increase, couples are eager to wed. Couples are becoming more flexible with wedding dates. Friday nights and weeknights are becoming more popular and often come with some savings.

#3: We Do

Don’t forget to include your spouse in the planning. While much of the marketing has become more couple-centric, there is still a ton of ‘bride’ marketing.

Regardless of your dynamic as a couple, the best way to tackle wedding planning is to prioritize what is essential to each of you. And come to a compromise. Come up with a list of what is most important to both of you and prioritize it based on your budget.

Put together a Pinterest board and start pinning things that appeal to both of you. From flowers to wedding attire, from cakes to bourbon bars. Pin ideas that appeal to both of you and your interests. Later on, you’ll start to sort through them together as planning takes shape.

#4: It Isn’t A Competition

Wedding planning is not a competition, as hard as that is to remember sometimes.

It’s essential that you plan a wedding that reflects the two of you: your likes, your personalities, and your families. Infuse your wedding day with things that make you smile and bring you joy. Include items that honor people close to you and include people you love!

Our L Prestigious Events team offers wedding planning throughout the New York Metro area, North Jersey, and Long Island areas.

Connect with us today by completing our contact form or emailing us at . We can’t wait to talk to you about your upcoming New York wedding!

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